“I Think We’re Going To Get Criminal Charges Against Wray And Garland… THOUSANDS Of Whistleblowers Are Blowing It Up” “

Steve Bannon went off on the totally corrupt FBI and Justice Department today on The War Room.   Steve Bannon was in rare form following the lies, smears and ommissions from last night’s primetime media-sanctioned show trial of President Donald Trump. Bannon revealed that “thousands” of FBI whistleblowers are finally coming forward.  This is after years of lies…

Social Justice Ideology: Blowing the Whistle on a Spreading Plague

“Social justice” ideology is a plague of the mind that’s been spreading rapidly throughout American higher education. No state is immune. The Martin Center sought to find out how bad it has gotten in North Carolina and so we commissioned a study by Professor Scott Yenor (Boise State U.) and Anna Miller (Idaho Freedom Foundation)….