WHY IS BIDEN’s Regime Asking Supreme Court To Reject Trump Request For Special Master To Review Mar-a-Lago Docs?

Last month, U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon agreed to appoint a special master to review the documents seized at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. The Department of Justice was temporarily barred from viewing the documents until the special master, judge Raymond Dearie, determined which documents fell under attorney-client privilege so that the Justice Department did not…

Joe Biden’s Dementia Song | Federal Inquirer

Biden’s dementia song By: Thomas Lifson Were the fate of the free world not in the hands of this man, the setting of Joe Biden’s many dementia moments to a catchy tune would be hilarious. Actually, it still is hilarious despite the awful reality underlying it. This is a brilliant satire that is also self-evidently…

Joe Biden Was The ‘Chairman’ Of Hunter Biden’s Foreign Influence Laundering

The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop have generated significant controversy since the 2020 Presidential election. Beyond showing the extent of Hunter Biden’s degeneracy, from drug addiction to soliciting prostitutes, communications sent from Hunter Biden to US influence brokers and foreign government officials show that he was laundering his father’s influence, then Vice President Joe Biden,…

LOL! Obama Claims That Racism Is The Primary Reason Why People Oppose Biden’s Open Border Policies

President Barack Obama has decided to re-insert himself in to partisan politics ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. In 2020, Obama stumped for President Joe Biden on the campaign trail and publicly expressed his support for Democrats. Now, Obama has weighed in on the issue of immigration, saying that Republicans are opposed to Biden’s open…

Team Biden’s Mysterious U.N. ‘Reform’ Push

Ostensibly, the changes would be intended to sideline malign actors such as Russia and China.

Biden’s Looming Giveaway to Iran

The new Iran deal is coming, and the administration is poised to flood the terrorist regime with cash — and ignore its malign behavior.

Biden’s Appeasement in Afghanistan Endangers Us All

One year after our catastrophic withdrawal from Kabul, a dramatic shift in the U.S. posture toward the region is more important than ever.

Manchin Saves Biden’s Bacon

Joe Manchin chooses to save the Biden agenda and give his party a major legislative win before the midterm elections.

Washington Post Writer Blames Biden’s Plunge On Negative Media Coverage

Joe Biden’s poll numbers and popularity are circling the drain, even with members of his own party. There are a lot of reasons for this. The economy, inflation, gas prices, food shortages, the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, etc. Take your pick. Yet one writer at the famously liberal Washington Post isn’t buying it. According to…

Biden’s Disgraceful Smear of Israel Is No Laughing Matter

In a ham-handed attempt to connect with a Palestinian audience, President Biden made a disgusting comparison.

Biden’s Approval Rating Now Lower Than Trump’s Lowest Point

Joe Biden’s approval rating is now lower than Trump’s was at his lowest. It’s important to put this into context. The media hammered Trump every single day of his presidency and Democrats were right there with them. Biden has had a compliant media that has bent over backwards to help him. That makes a huge…

Majority Of Americans Question Biden’s Mental Fitness

Old and senile Joe Biden has a difficult time saying mental fitness so it’s no surprise that most Americans question Biden’s mental fitness in a new poll.  Back in December, Joe Biden had a difficult time saying “mental fitness”.  This did not bode well for a guy who shows a lack of mental fitness daily…

Only 18 Percent Of Independent Voters Approve Of Biden’s Job Performance

If you follow political news, you hear a lot about people on the right and the left but not as much about the people in the middle. The ironic part of this is that independent voters are often the ones who decide elections. They’re very important voters. According to a new poll, Biden has lost…

Joe Biden’s ‘Incredible Transition’

Is the rising price of gasoline bothering you? Well, it shouldn’t, President Biden says.

Hunter Biden’s Favorite Las Vegas Hooker Got $20,000 Federal PPP Loan For ‘Female-Owned Sole Proprietorship’ After Joe Biden Took Office

A Las Vegas prostitute who bought crack for and had orgies with Hunter Biden got a $20,000 federal PPP loan right after Joe Biden took office. Cheryl Deboves received $20,207 in a PPP loan for a ‘female-owned sole proprietorship,’ according to the Daily Wire. The hooker’s loan was listed under “Independent Artists, Writers and Performers.”…

Biden’s Flagrant Abuse of Emergency Powers Must Be Stopped

The president is misusing the Defense Production Act and harming the economy by pretending green energy is essential to our national defense.

White House Postpones Joe Biden’s Trip To Israel And Saudi Arabia

Joe Biden’s handlers postponed his trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia on Friday. Biden was expected to visit the two countries to push the insane Iranian nuclear deal that both nations oppose. No reason was given for the delate. President Joe Biden’s planned visits to Saudi Arabia and Israel later this month have been postponed…

Now They’re Blaming Me For Exposing Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Guest post by Roger Stone It’s bad enough that I had to endure a politically motivated two-year witch-hunt in which I was falsely accused of “lying to Congress” to cover up Russian collusion that we now know definitively never actually happened. The real reason I was prosecuted, of course, was because as a 42-year associate…

NAACP President Claims Biden’s Student-Debt Relief Plan Doesn’t Go Far Enough: ‘Slap in the Face’

‘Canceling $10,000 in student debt is like pouring a bucket of ice water on a forest fire. In other words, it won’t do anything,’ he said.