The Golden Rule And The Hunter Biden Scandal

The Golden Rule and the Hunter Biden Scandal Three Questions Raised by the FBI Leak By Jonathan Turley Below is my column in the Hill on the noticeably narrow scope of charges referenced in the recent FBI leak from the Delaware investigation. The leak raises a number of intriguing questions in its wake. Here is…

Those Who F***ed With Joe Biden

My late uncle once told me that there are four kinds of people in the world. The gifted who are aware of their gifts, the gifted who are unaware of their gifts, the imbeciles who know of their imbecility, and finally the imbeciles who are unaware of their imbecility. “Beware of the fourth kind, always,”…

Joe Biden Was The ‘Chairman’ Of Hunter Biden’s Foreign Influence Laundering

The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop have generated significant controversy since the 2020 Presidential election. Beyond showing the extent of Hunter Biden’s degeneracy, from drug addiction to soliciting prostitutes, communications sent from Hunter Biden to US influence brokers and foreign government officials show that he was laundering his father’s influence, then Vice President Joe Biden,…

Biden Vows To “Ban Assault Weapons” In The US

Joe Biden today vowed to ban assault weapons. He really has no idea what he’s saying. Today Joe Biden said that he is going to ban assault weapons.  The gang at the White House clapped when he made this announcement. NEW – Biden vows “to ban assault weapons” in the — (@disclosetv) September…

Biden Has Yet Another ‘Disgraceful’ And ‘Unacceptable’ Blunder Raising More Questions About His Mental Acuity [VIDEO]

On August 3rd, 2022, 100 Percent Fed Up reported on the unfortunate news that Rep. Jackie Walorski and two of her staffers were killed in an automobile accident in Indiana. Biden released a statement on her passing and announced that White House flags would fly at half-staff in her honor. Yet today, Joe Biden was…

BRAIN DEAD BIDEN Puts His Arm Around Elton John and Blames Him For Billions Paid by US Taxpayers to Fight HIV and AIDS “It’s all his fault!” [VIDEO]

On Friday, Sir Elton John performed at the White House for “A Night When Hope and History Rhyme,” where he was surprised by the presentation of a National Humanities Medal. Joe Biden, who presented him with the award, made a very awkward comment about the government’s HIV and AIDS taxpayer funds. At the event, Biden…

The Magnificent Meaninglessness of Biden Administration Rhetoric

It’s been a week since the president declared the pandemic over, and I don’t feel any different.

Pompeo Blasts Biden Administration for Allowing ‘Butcher of Tehran’ to Attend U.N. Meeting

President Ebrahim Raisi served on Iran’s ‘death committee,’ which killed thousands of civilians in the early years of the Islamic Republic.

Biden Is Working to Undermine America’s Authority at the U.N.

The Biden position reflects the victory of fashionable opinion over careful thinking about U.S. interests.

Biden Says U.S. Forces Would Defend Taiwan If China Invaded

A White House official later told 60 Minutes that U.S. policy on Taiwan has not changed. 

‘Don’t, Don’t, Don’t’: Biden Warns Putin against Using Nuclear or Chemical Weapons

Biden said that deciding to use them would ’change the face of war — unlike since World War II.’

Gov. DeSantis, why is the sovereign state of Florida allowing the NWO globalists to geoengineer such toxic weather ever since Biden stole the election?

An Open Letter to Governor Ron DeSantis Office of Governor Ron DeSantisState of FloridaThe Capitol400 S. Monroe St.Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001 Dear Governor DeSantis: As a Tallahassee resident, surely you have noticed that the sun very rarely shines in this city anymore. See: THEY’RE PUTTING THE CHEMTRAILS SPRAYING ON SUPER STEROIDS ESPECIALLY OVER THIS STATE CAPITAL—WHY?…

Check Out These Incredible Headlines After Biden Declared War On MAGA Republicans.

WORLD · SEP 2, 2022 ·  148 BERLIN — The war having turned against him, Biden has reportedly taken a cyanide capsule in an underground bunker. Biden holed up here in hopes of l… WORLD · SEP 2, 2022 ·  44 MOSCOW — Biden’s forces hit a major stumbling block Friday as they were unable to reach USSR’s capital of Moscow before the…

Here’s Why Biden Just Desperately DEMONIZED The Conservative Half Of America.

State of the Nation It’s of paramount important to understand that hardcore Zionist Joe Biden was criminally installed as POTUS because only he has been sufficiently set up to implement the most important yet covert pieces of the New World Order globalist agenda.  (More on those details in a future exposé.) This high priority goal…

The Biden Administration’s Unexplored Failures in Ukraine

Despite knowing a war was coming, the U.S. miscalculated each side’s strength and didn’t give Ukraine the military aid it needed.

Biden Imposes Sanctions on Iranian-Oil Sellers

The Biden administration imposed sanctions on 15 individuals and entities involved in the illicit sale of Iranian oil.

DeSantis makes a HUGE, potentially game-changing move; Biden (4x💉) still covid++; even Dems blame Joe; Griner gets 9 years; no action on Taiwan; Amnesty accuses Ukraine of war crimes

💉 Biden tested positive for covid again yesterday. So. It’s all going great. 🔥 Wednesday, Governor DeSantis’ spicy spokeslady Christina Pushaw teased that the Governor would make an exciting announcement yesterday to drive the woke media crazy. She was right and wrong. She was right it was a blockbuster announcement. Where she was wrong is…

Soft-on-China Think Tanker to Handle China Portfolio for Biden

In her past work, Jessica Lee advised the U.S. government not to criticize people with links to the CCP and to avoid strong language when talking about China.

Joe Biden Trashes Trump In First Speech Coming Out Of Covid Isolation (VIDEO)

After testing negative for the COVID-19 virus on Tuesday night and on Wednesday, Joe Biden is ending his Covid-19 isolation and will no longer be quarantined. Biden delivered remarks from the Rose Garden of the White House Wednesday to celebrate his freedom from Covid isolation. And of course he trashed Trump. “When my predecessor got…

Democrat Congresswoman Cori Bush Won’t Say If She Supports Second Term For Biden (VIDEO)

Far left Democrat Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri was recently asked in an interview if she supported the idea of a second term for Joe Biden and she flat out wouldn’t answer. She said that it was a question she didn’t want to answer right now. What a vote of confidence that is. Democrats know…