Tory Leadership Battle: The Gloves Come Off

It’s turned into a battle between two versions of Thatcherism, and what could be better than that?

The Battle against Big Government Started Here

Remembering the first meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society 75 years ago, when a group of scholars helped begin the modern fight for freedom.

The CASE Act, Hidden in the Coronavirus Relief Bill, Is Just the Beginning of the Next Copyright Battle

By Jason Kelley As we feared, the “Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act”—the CASE Act—that we’ve been fighting in various forms for two years has been included in Congress’ $900 billion Coronavirus relief package. This new legislation means Internet users could face up to $30,000 in penalties for sharing a meme or making a video,…

Bonds & Black Gold Bid As Negative Nabobs Battle New Issue Nirvanans

Another day, another astoundingly exuberant bid for an IPO as AirBnB opened with one of the biggest pops ($146 vs $68 IPO) since 2008 seemingly confirming JPMorgan’s “market nirvana” argument. But, “on the other hand” – as CNBC might say – stimulus doubts and vaccine take-up uncertainty (as well as extremes in sentiment and positioning)…

China Used ‘Secret Microwave Pulse Weapon’ Against Indian Troops In Border Battle

A report this week in the UK Times has revealed new information on China’s use of a cutting edge high tech weapon during last summer’s high altitude Himalayan standoff between Indian and Chinese troops in the disputed Ladakh border region. Initial claims that a military-grade crowd control sonic pulse weapon capable of causing severe bodily discomfort, including…