China Power Demand Hits Record As Polar Vortex Split Pours Arctic Air Into Region

The Beijing meteorological station recorded one of the coldest temperatures in decades this past week, sending power demand through the roof.  Lei Lei, the chief forecaster for Beijing meteorological station, told China Daily that the first cold wave in 2021 features a “dramatic temperature drop,” “significant wind-chill effect,” and “prolonged period of low temperature.” On Jan. 7, Beijing…

Russia Reopens Soviet-Era Lab To Develop Weapons For Arctic Sub-Zero Conditions

Russia is believed to be greatly expanding and beefing up its ability to wage warfare in extreme cold and icy conditions after it was announced Thursday that a Soviet-era laboratory has been reconstituted and newly opened in order to test weapons in Arctic weather. “The Central Scientific-Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering, that makes weapons for…

Russia’s Relentless Quest For Arctic Oil

Authored by Vanand Meliksetian via, Oftentimes the most interesting and challenging moments in life come when you least need them. Nowhere is it truer than with Russia’s eternal uphill battle to tap into its vast resources in the Arctic. Every time crude prices fall below 60-70 USD per barrel, Russia’s Arctic ambitions suffer. U.S….