‘Correct Understanding of China’: Another Chinese Diplomat Advocates ‘Reeducation’ of Taiwan

China’s ambassador to Australia also hinted at future military aggression targeting the island nation.

A Coup In The Works At Sarasota County Public Hospital Board To Replace Corrupt Board Directors With Medical Freedom Advocates!

Excerpt form Coffee & CovidBy Jeff Childers The Washington Post ran a moving and incredibly encouraging story yesterday headlined, “Conservatives Skeptical of Coronavirus Vaccines Battle to Lead a Hospital.” The WaPo didn’t mean it to be encouraging, that was an accident. Remarkably, the article actually praises SOME Republicans, by carefully peeling away “conservatives,” who are…

Database Launched To Expose Hateful Critical Race Theory Advocates, Welcoming Submissions

According to a press release from the Great American Patriot Project PAC, they have compiled and released a database to track Critical Race Theorists across America. In addition to users being able to check the thousands of names already in the database, they are also able to report CRT in their own communities. The information was…