Mail exposes censorship agenda of Digital Hate group founded by Labour Party activists (which include leader Keir Starmer’s chief of staff Morgan McSweeney)

The NBC journalist who wrote the piece which initially seemed to prompt Google‘s decision to defund ZeroHedge and to caution The Federalist is Adele-Momoko Fraser, a British journalist with two years of experience. She quoted a Google spokeswoman who said both ZeroHedge and The Federalist had been stripped of their ability to monetize.  Momoko-Fraser is believed…

Project Venezuela: Right-Wing Activists Push Wikipedia to Blacklist MintPress, other Alternative Media

Still unable to convince a sufficient number of their countryfolk to support them, the Venezuelan opposition has turned their efforts towards convincing an international audience – primarily Americans – to support their cause. Part of that is spending inordinate amounts of time online, arguing in English on social media, creating bot networks, and editing Wikipedia articles….