Superyacht With Connections to Jeffrey Epstein in Auckland

Staff wouldn’t say how long it’s been here or who is on board, but a superyacht with connections to accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has docked in Auckland’s viaduct.

The 58 metre Dancing Hare, previously owned by media mogul Robert Maxwell, has been in New Zealand since January, and spent time in Dunedin and Wellington.

It was previously named Lady Ghislaine after Maxwell’s daughter, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Dancing Hare Superyacht Jeffrey Epstein

Maxwell is currently on the run and wanted for questioning by US authorities over her links to disgraced financier Epstein. Recent media reports have her hiding out in an apartment in Paris.

However, it is currently sailing under the flag of the Marshall Islands, and is registered to a company named Touille, based in Vallauris, France.

It’s former owner, Robert Maxwell, died under suspicious circumstances in 1991 after disappearing off the yacht. It was eventually ruled an accidental drowning after his body was found in the Atlantic.

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Dancing Hare

Before its Epstein connections, the vessel was built for one Emad Khashoggi, the cousin of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, in 1986.

It was sailed from Sydney to New Zealand earlier this year and marina staff wouldn’t say how long it would stay in Auckland for.

It is visible from Silo Park.