Steve Bannon: Blasts Elites for Making the Deplorables Underwrite Their Own Destruction

Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon made some excellent points this morning on his War Room Pandemic.  Bannon notes that China is building its military and the US is paying for it and Biden is making it ten times worse.

Here are Bannon’s excellent points in the short clip below:

  1. China is building a huge military force.  It is big and growing in numbers and in sophistication.
  2. China purchases bonds sold by the US which is necessary for the US to issue because the US is spending like drunken sailors now under Biden.
  3. The US pays interest on these bonds purchased by China.
  4. The amount of money the US pays in interest payments alone on the debt pays for China’s military.
  5. The elites don’t care – they just want more and they have no allegiance to the US.

These were profound observations by Bannon.

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