Stacey Abrams Texting Arizonans To Pass the S.1 Legislation that Gives Democrats More Ability to Cheat

Stacey Abrams’s non profit group  Fair Fight Action is contacting voters all over the country urging them to call their senators and pass S1, which will require states to permit voters to register on the day of a federal election, including during early voting.

An Arizona resident received the following text message and passed it on.

This bill is another measure that Democrats are taking to ensure that cheating is just as easy as voting.

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Why is Stacey Abrams sticking her nasty paws in Arizona? 

Georgia has so many problems that she is helping to sweep under the rug in order to ensure laws are made that will help her win Georgia’s Gubernatorial race, dishonestly. 

With the Arizona audit coming to an end and showing serious discrepancies, and an audit starting in GA, she needs this law to pass before there evidence comes out.