Spanish Police Find Machine Guns And Nazi Memorabilia In Warehouse Raid 

About two weeks ago, law enforcement in Spain raided a warehouse in Andalusia. They arrested three men for Illicit arms trafficking across Europe who sold military-style weapons to drug dealers in southern Spain.

The gunrunning operation came after a years-long investigation into a series of violent crimes in southern Spain. 

In total, police raided three locations in Andalusia, finding “160 firearms made up of 121 short weapons, 22 assault rifles, and eight submachine guns. They have also found 9,967 cartridges of different calibers, eight silencers, 273 magazines, and even a grenade with a kilo and a half of military explosive,” a statement read, published by Civil Guard, Spain’s oldest law enforcement agency.

Here’s the weapon cache:

Machine Guns 


Nazi Memorable

Civil Guard also said they found a treasure trove of “Nazi-themed objects, uniforms, and flags.”

Of the three arrested, one was a British man, and two were Germans. Civil Guard said one of the Germans had “links to neo-Nazi movements.” 

All three have been charged with arms trafficking, drug trafficking, and falsifying official documents.

According to officials, the gunrunning operation worked by procuring weapons from eastern Europe. Once the weapons arrived in Spain, one of the men, highly skilled in weapons-making, would erase serial numbers and transform some of the guns into mil-spec status before selling them to criminals. 

Civil Guard tweeted a video of the weapons cache and provided views inside the workshop of the gunrunning operation.