Spanish Cops Uncover 2 Tons Of Cocaine Hidden In Charcoal

In Spain, law enforcement uncovered a massive drug smuggling network in the country’s south region. 

On Sunday, Spanish National Police tweeted a bust video as agents detained 12 suspected drug traffickers. After the arrests, the video transitioned to the uncovering of cocaine. 

Police found 2,065 kilograms (2.28 tons) of cocaine within a shipment of 40,000 kilograms (44.1 tons) of charcoal within a shipping container at the port Algeciras, southern Spain. 

Police said the drug smuggling network extended from Spain to Paraguay and Brazil. For more than a year, investigators tracked the smugglers from South America building legitimate businesses in Spain as a front for their criminal operation. 

The operation was overseen by two families in Brazil and Paraguay, who coordinated cocaine shipments. Cocaine was then smuggled within cargoes of charcoal, agricultural products, and medical devices. 

Police said cryptocurrencies were used to launderer money, which is popular with many criminal groups worldwide. 

During the investigation, 200 containers sent to Spain from Brazil and Paraguay were searched, including 16 homes and businesses. 

With a major transatlantic drug smuggling network busted. Could Spanish cocaine prices experience acute price inflation until a new supply is found?