Society of Environmental Journalists Reports about Health Risks from Cell Phone and Other “WiFi” Technology

By B.N. Frank

There is plenty of research (government, independent, and industry) that has already determined exposure to cell phone and other wireless “WiFi” radiation is biologically and environmentally harmful.  It has been the topic of documentary films, broadcast news stories, and articles.

Another article was recently published about this by the Society of Environmental Journalists.

From Environmental Health Trust:

The Society of Environmental Journalists: Is Wireless Technology an Environmental Health Risk?

Technology an Environmental Health Risk?”

The Society of Environmental Journalists Journal

The Society of Environmental Journalists just published an article on wireless radiation by Katie Alvord entitled “Is Wireless Technology an Environmental Health Risk?” This article highlights research by numerous international experts including EHT.

Alvord is an award-winning freelance writer whose work has appeared in a range of publications. She received the 2007 AAAS Science Journalism Award for Excellence in Online Reporting, for writing a series on Lake Superior Basin climate change.  

Excerpts from the article:

“How might wireless radiation affect nature?: Researchers have reported that birds and bees lose their navigational ability near cell towers, while trees sport damaged leaves and foliage die-off. Studies also suggest that RFR might contribute to bird population declines, bee colony collapse disorder and recent dramatic drops in insect numbers.

What about other health effects?

Numerous studies link low-intensity RFR exposures with various biological impacts, including heart and circulatory problems, neurological disorders, immune system changes, reduced fertilityblood-brain barrier leakagesleep disruption, memory impairment and more.

2015 review article in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine explored one explanation for this variety of potential effects: the “significant activation” by low-intensity RFR of “key pathways generating reactive oxygen species” — in other words, generation of free radicals which can build up in biological tissues to create oxidative stress and related effects such as DNA damage.

Effects of this type were documented in 93 of the 100 human tissue, animal and plant studies that the article examined. The researchers write that this could explain “a range of biological/health effects of low-intensity RFR” and give this type of environmental exposure “a wide pathogenic potential.”

Children and pregnant women might be particularly vulnerable to such effects. Imaging in human head models like that done in a 2018 study published in Environmental Research has shown that children’s thinner skulls allow more RFR penetration of their brains. This has raised concerns about WiFi in schools, as well as the additional screen time required by pandemic-era digital schooling.

Read the full article online at the Society of Environmental Journalists Journal “Is Wireless Technology an Environmental Health Risk?”

Cell phones, laptops, and other wireless radiation emitting products include warnings in their manuals that carrying and holding these devices against the body may cause users to expose themselves to radiation levels exceeding federal RF safety limits.  Telecom companies seem to be aware of the dangers.  For many years they have warned investors that they could be held liable for harm caused by their devices and transmitters.  Even so – both telecom and tech companies often advertise unsafe use of their products to people of all ages.  Unfortunately, many businesses do.

In addition to cell phones, cell towers, laptops, and Wi-Fi routers, other sources of wireless radiation include

Doctors and scientists worldwide support a petition to boycott 5G phones.  In 2019, telecom executives gave U.S. congressional testimony that they had NO independent scientific evidence that 5G is safe.  There is research that has determined it isn’t.

Activist Post reports regularly about unsafe technology.  For more information visit our archives and the following websites.

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