SHOTS FIRED At Portland Dueling Protests between Antifa and Proud Boys

The much-ballyhooed dueling protests in Portland are finally living up the billing, as sounds of gunfire are now ringing out in downtown.

That’s right, apparently, someone is shooting at someone, which is likely to be connected to the Antifa vs. Proud Boys brawl.

Mason Lake Media caught it on video:

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Here’s another angle, as you can see the guy behind the recycling can apparently shoots first, then someone else returns fire. It’s unclear which “side” any of these particular individuals are on.

Sean Carmitchel also got video leading up to the shooting, where you can see the guy with the hat backing away holding his gun out to the side as others are walking him back, including what appears to the shooter with his gun drawn and leveled at the guy:

Couple of other pictures:

Mason Lake snapped a pic of the aftermath:

So did Sergio Olmos:

The antifa sympathizers mock the police when they arrive on scene, one shouting “I’LL FUCK YOU UP, LITTLE BITCH! FUCK YOUR KIDS, TOO!”:

In another angle, you can hear someone shout “ALEX!” during the shootout: