Sen. John Kennedy Releases HILARIOUS Political Ad That Destroys The Left [VIDEO]

U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) released a hilarious campaign video about the stupidity of the Leftists, in which he talks about police defunding policies, the border crisis, and sexual education in grade schools throughout the country.

Kennedy opens the political ad with the statement, “Stupidity is painful.”

Standing next to a small tank of jellyfish, Kennedy says,

“The Left thinks that by defunding the police we’re gonna stop crime.

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The Left thinks that vetting at our Southern border is racist.

The Left thinks that government employees have a constitutional right to talk to five-year-olds about sexuality.

I know, it’s frustrating to me too. To see our country which was founded by geniuses being run by idiots.”

Kennedy then gets to the punchline of the ad, saying,

“But still, I’m an optimistic guy. I have hope for my Liberal friends. Jellyfish have survived for 165 million years without a brain.”