Russian Missiles Reported Flying Across Ukraine Skys

More pictures and videos are coming out of Ukraine.  More recent videos show missiles flying over Ukraine and Ukraine responding with anti-aircraft missiles. 

Videos of missiles flying over the Ukraine skies are being shared on social media.

One video shows missiles over Ukraine taken from inside a home.

TRENDING: BREAKING: Ukraine Shuts Down Its Airspace – Putin Declares Start of Military Operation against Ukraine — VIDEO

Here’s another reported footage of a Russian missile launch.

The aerodrome in Kharkiv Ukraine was reportedly hit by a Russian missile.

Another video is reportedly taken from the outside near the conflict as the individuals reporting are speaking English about what is happening (warning language).

In addition, Ukraine is reportedly releasing anti-aircraft missiles into the night skies.

Here is another video of anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine.

President Zelinsky in Ukraine is telling his people that he has spoken to Biden and he urges people to stay inside.