Right-Wing Street Artists Take Aim at ‘Vaccine Supremacist’ Gavin Newsom (Photos)

An anonymous right-wing street art group called The Faction has plastered Pacific Palisades with posters depicting Governor Gavin Newsom with a Hitler mustache, holding a hypodermic needle, with a swastika made of hypodermic needles.

The wealthy beach community in Los Angeles is filled with liberal celebrities.

“Dummies on the right whine about Gavin’s French Laundry hypocrisy while ignoring the fact that he’s caused a trillion dollars in damage to California, destroying lives and small businesses. Newsom is a Vaccine Supremacist that rules by fiat, demanding a faithful following of his edicts while ignoring the law, actual science, and judicial orders,” a spokesperson for The Faction told the Gateway Pundit.

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When asked about their preferred replacement candidate, The Faction said “we don’t care who you vote for… Rigged elections are a way for the Power Elite to fool the People into believing they have agency. In reality, the government is selected through media manipulation and fraud, and it’s been like that for generations. The fix is in on this election. Anyone that thinks Nancy Pelosi’s nephew won’t beat a black-white supremacist, a transvestite, and a guy with a bear is fooling themselves.”

The artist collective took over a Hollywood billboard in October and replaced it with “Swamp Thing” Joe Biden. In 2019, they hijacked a billboard across from the CNN studio in Los Angeles. They have also replaced a John Oliver billboard with an “orange man bad” meme — and these are just a few examples of their antics.