“Promote [STEAL] The Vote” Proposal Will Be On The MI Ballot In November…It’s A Dirty Democrat Scheme That Will PERMANENTLY Make It Easier To Cheat In MI Elections

In November, Michigan voters will be asked to vote on ballot Proposal #2 or “Promote [STEAL] the Vote.” If it passes, it will change the MI Constitution.

This should not be taken lightly. Once it is changed it is very difficult to fix any unintended consequences. That is why the legislature in Michigan should be tasked with most of the proposals that are being put through as ballot initiatives to change our State Constitution. As few as 1 in 10 voters can place an initiative on the ballot to forever alter our Constitution.

Here is just one example of unintended consequences. You will be asked to change the Constitution to allow the following:

“The measure provides the right to early voting before election day at an early voting site. Early voting must have the same requirements at polling places as on election day, except that an early voting site can serve voters from more than six precincts and may serve voters from more than one municipality within a county.” Each early voting site should be open for nine consecutive days beginning on the second Saturday before the election and ending on the Sunday before the election. The early voting site should be open for at least eight hours each day.

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No early voting results shall be generated or reported until after 8 PM on election day.” (Ballotpedia summary) Sounds good, right? Well, let’s look at some of the consequences.

It can be expensive. Early voting means you must staff and run the polling locations. It is hard enough to get workers for just one day.

Combining multiple precincts- We can learn from Detroit. Detroit has what they refer to as Satellite Voting Centers. In the SVCs, voters could come in and receive a ballot for any precinct in the city. These are then counted at TCF (Huntington Place)where they have combined precincts in counting boards, and in the last election, as usually happens, they were the last area of the state to report. Even though they had 25 high-speed tabulators that could process up to 3000 ballots/hour. This was more than any other city. So it does not help the efficiency of combining precincts. (see picture below.)

Detroit table

Need for multiple race ballots- for every separate race; you would need a ballot. In the city of Detroit, they had as many as 503 different precincts. This meant they would need up to 503 different ballots on the shelf. In this example, if you had 10 ballots for every precinct there would be 5000 ballots at each SVC. In 2020 there were 23 of these sites. You can do the math!!! This is a logistical nightmare. Are these blank ballots accounted for? What happens if you run out? This is not a secure process.

On a visit to a local SVC, the following was observed.  Shelves of stacked ballots were seen in the back of the room next to a door that exited into an empty field.  Two poll workers were in the front of the room.  If one of the workers was tied up with a voter while the other, for example, might be taking a break, there would be no one to observe the back door, which was not locked and easily accessible to anyone who walked in.  There were blank ballots stacked right there near this door for anyone who would want to grab them.  When we asked the poll workers if they had a security surveillance camera at the center, they said yes, but “but it hasn’t been working for months.”  Is this the kind of “security” the Democrats assure us exists in our elections?  If so, they are spouting a “Big Lie” of their own about election security!

Potentially thousands of unmarked ballots are stacked up in slots by the back door of a satellite voting center.  

Ballot slots detroit voting center
This is an actual picture from a 2022 Satellite Voting Center in Detroit.

Combining precincts may cause the loss of precinct-level results- this is not good.

In a 2022 primary election in DeKalb County, GA, a Democrat Commissioners race had a machine programming error which caused one of the candidates to get zero votes in multiple precincts. The only way she caught the error was by looking at precinct-level results. She was granted a recount and went from last to first in the primary race. Unofficial Results: Spears leads the field in DeKalb Commission District 2 Race (fox5atlanta.com).

If you look at the AVCB (Absent voter counting board) in 2020 they had 503 precincts but only 134 counting boards. So they were combining precincts into counting boards. The problem is that when they reported the results, the precinct totals disappear, and it is one number from the AVCB. Below is a hypothetical example of how this situation could occur (as in DeKalb) but not be caught. Obviously, there is something wrong with precincts 2 & 3, but that is hidden because the precincts are combined.


As they say, “The Devil is in the Details” Don’t be like elected officials who tell you to pass it to find out what’s in it. The more you read the details, the worse it gets.

Vote No on Prop 2 in November.