Pro-Freedom, Anti-Covid Tyranny Anthem Tops Hip-Hop Charts .

Musicians Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy released a new song on Friday that quickly made its way to the top of the iTunes hip-hop chart.

Titled, “This Is A War,” the track discusses the current “war on religion,” “war on tradition,” and “war on children,” being waged by the global elite.

In the music video, rapper Hi-Rez and singer Jimmy Levy sport shirts reading, “No Sheep In My Circle,” while marching with anti-vaccine passport protesters in NYC.

Within hours of its release, the track skyrocketed to the number one spot on the iTunes hip-hop chart above songs from mainstream artists like Lil Nas X, Drake, Eminem and others.

The #2 song on the chart, “America” by Tom MacDonald, is another anti-establishment protest track, showing the public’s thirst for dissenting viewpoints.

Jimmy Levy thanked his fans on Instagram Friday, saying, “Thank you, God. Thank you all of the freedom fighters all around the world, and I want to show everybody that you can stand for what you believe in, you can put all your faith in God and you can speak out and be outspoken and you can still be successful. You do not have to sell out to no elite.”

A few weeks ago, a song Levy did with Nitti Gritti called “Matrix” reached #2 in the world on music charts.

Listen to “Matrix” below:

The elite are terrified of the current wave of alternative artists pushing back against the globalist takeover of America.