Pro-Abortion Leftists In Phoenix Scream At Pro-Lifers, Hold Signs Saying “FETUS = GOOD SNACK” (VIDEO)

Radical pro-abortion protesters came unhinged on Saturday outside the Arizona Capitol in response to the leaked Roe v. Wade draft decision.

One woman even held a sign that said, “FETUS = GOOD SNACK.”

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that radical leftists surrounded and attacked Students for Kari Lake volunteers at a previous abortion protest at the Arizona Capitol.

WATCH: “Conservative F*cks! I Wish You Were An Abortion Buddy!” – Pro-Abortion Rioters Surround, Spit On Students for Kari Lake Volunteers In Phoenix, AZ – Two Arrested

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Last weekend, the leftist mob was back at the Arizona Capitol screaming at pro-life protesters and showing their true colors.

One woman was filmed screaming, “Masturbation is murder. If you masturbate, you kill people. Every month when you have a menstrual cycle, you’re killing!”

Others were seen just screaming.  It is truly disgusting how these people act.

Some attendees even brought their children dressed in leftist propaganda making them hold Satanic symbols.


These people are truly Satanic. One woman held a sign that said, “FETUS = GOOD SNACK.”

A hysterical grown-man also chased a pro-life woman around, screaming and calling her a “closeted homosexual.”

The godless American left has no class, no morals, and no common sense.