President Trump Endorses Vernon Jones for Congress in Georgia’s 10th Congressional District

President Trump endorsed Vernon Jones for Congress in a special video announcement on Wednesday.

Vernon Jones, a former Democrat, is running in Georgia’s 10th congressional district.

Vernon has ALWAYS stood with Trump and MAGA nation against the radical Democrats who are destroying the nation we love.
Vernon officially joined the Republican Party in January 2021 after serving in the Georgia House as a conservative Democrat for years.

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Jones pointed out the similarities between him and Trump in a Tuesday tweet.

Vernon Jones is a rare talent and a man of integrity. He has always stood by President Trump through thick and thin. He will be an exceptional US Representative.

** The Gateway Pundit gives Vernon Jones our complete endorsement.

Look for Democrats to spend MILLIONS in their attempt to take out Vernon Jones. He’s too big of a threat.

You can support Jones by donating to his campaign here.