“Please Have Keys Made”: Joe Biden Was Chinese Financier’s “Office Mate” According To Hunter Biden Email

Joe Biden – who swore throughout the 2020 election that he had ‘no knowledge’ of son Hunter’s business dealings – was described in a 2017 email as “office mates” with a Chinese financier and “emissary” to a PLA-linked (and now bankrupt) Chinese energy conglomerate that the Biden family tried to cash in on according to text, email, and sworn evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop and multiple whistleblowers.

Before reading further, keep in mind that the FBI and AG Bill Barr knew all of this and sat on it during the 2020 election (and Trump’s impeachment), while Fox News debate moderator Chris Wallace made Biden corruption ‘off limits’ during the first presidential debate.

In a September, 2017 email found on Hunter’s laptop obtained by the Daily Caller, Hunter wrote to the general manager of his former Washington DC office building, asking to have “keys made available” to “office mates” Joe Biden,Jill Biden, Jim Biden and Gongwen Dong – a Chinese financier.

Hunter identified Dong as an “emissary” for the CEFC, the now-defunct Chinese energy conglomerate whose Executive Chairman and affiliates have ties to China’s People’s Liberation Army, according to a report by the Project 2049 Institute – a US-based organization which researches security issues concerning Asia.

Hunter Biden’s request to Cecilia Browning to create office keys for his “office mates” Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Jim Biden and Gongwen Dong. (screenshot via the Daily Caller)

In response, Cecilia E. Browning, general manager of the office building (the House of Sweden) replied that they were “very excited and honored to welcome your new colleagues!” and confirmed that they requested “Four more keys” as well as a “Change of name on the door.”

More via the Caller:

Hunter Biden revealed this week that he has been notified that federal prosecutors in Delaware are investigating his “tax affairs.” Multiple news outlets have reported that the probe is also focused on Biden’s foreign business activities, including with CEFC, which was China’s fourth-largest energy conglomerate before going out of business. Daily Caller

“We have tenants who rent office space, and it is correct that Rosemont Seneca LLC rented an office at House of Sweden between February 2017 — February 2018,” Browning told the Caller in an email, adding “However, please note that we do not share information about current and previous tenants.”

Yet – Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said in October that the former Vice President “has never even considered being involved in business with his family, nor in any overseas business whatsoever. He has never held stock in any such business arrangements nor has any family member or any other person ever held stock for him.”

Cecilia’s email proves that was a lie.

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