Per Reports Coming Out Of China, The CCP Is Clamping Down On Those Attempting To Exit China, Travelers Have Passports Cut Forcing Them To Stay

Reports are coming out of China that travelers are being forced to stay in the country and that China is preventing individuals from leaving the country.

According to reports coming out of China, the CCP is preventing people from exiting the country.  Numerous reports have been shared in social media where individuals attempting to exit the country were prevented from doing so, with some of these people having their passports cut by the border officers in China.

There are many indications that China’s doors are closing quietly.  A government notice was leaked online from April 2022 where government employees were encouraged to report any activities where individuals appear to be removing money from China.  In addition, any foreign notary services have been reportedly discontinued in China.  China appears to be restricting Chinese from leaving the country in the name of outbreak control.

There are also reports that the Chinese economy is in deep trouble.  We have reported on this previously.

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A video was put together sharing these reports.