People In These Five States Say 'Get Me Outta Here'

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,

It’s easy to guess the states people are leaving. Can you guess the top states where people are headed?

Top Outbound States

Top Inbound States 

The above numbers are on a percentage basis of inbound to outbound moves, not absolute numbers. 

The report is from North American Moving Services.

Key Takeaways from the 2020 Migration Report

  • People are fleeing California for Texas and Idaho

  • Illinois, New York, and New Jersey are the three states with the most outbound moves. 

  • The top five inbound states in 2020 are Idaho, Arizona, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina, with Tennessee overtaking South Carolina from the 2019 results. 

  • Florida, Texas, and Colorado round out the top eight states for inbound moves. 

  • Despite pandemic, people continued to move at rates comparable to 2019

Top Five Destination Cities

  1. Phoenix 

  2. Houston 

  3. Dallas 

  4. Atlanta 

  5. Denver 

Top Five Exodus Cities

  1. New York 

  2. Anaheim, Calif. 

  3. San Diego 

  4. Chicago 

  5. Riverside, Calif.

I am disappointed the report did not have absolute numbers, making the study flawed. 

Nonetheless, Idaho is interesting.

Idaho has made the top 10 each year since 2015, most of the time on the top of the list. 

Congratulations to Idaho and of course Illinois in reverse, a state I have written about many times.

Q: Why does it take 3 weeks to leave Illinois?
A: Everyone is leaving and that is how long it took to schedule a one-way van out. 

“Everyone is leaving. No one is coming,” a U-Haul agent told us.

We love it here in Utah. The photo opportunism are endless. There are 7 national parks within 5 hours or so of where we live.