“Panic Attack” And “Night Terror” Searches Erupt Across US Amid Second Virus Wave 

Public health experts have repeatedly warned that COVID-19 conditions are set to worsen across the country before they get better. 

States and cities are reimposing strict social distancing measures, along with the increasing threat of lockdowns early next year if a Biden presidency is seen. 

The virus pandemic and strict social distancing rules have already fueled a mental health crisis among Americans. 

Months ago, we explained restrictions resulted in a dangerously sharp rise in mental illness. The CDC recently said disruptions to daily life during the pandemic lockdowns, anxiety about contracting the virus, and isolation at home have taken a deep toll on Americans’ mental health. 

As the second wave of the virus ravages nearly every state, real-time data of Americans’ mental health via Google Search trends of more than 400 health symptoms, signs, and conditions suggest that the mental health crisis continues to silently rage. 

Examining Google’s COVID-19 Search Trends symptoms dataset, we found recent searches for “anxiety,” “panic attack,” and “night terror” are on the rise in recent months, coinciding with the reemergence of the second coronavirus wave. 

Internet searches for “anxiety” have erupted across the country in recent months, breaching March’s highs in the summer period. As virus cases continue to hit records this fall, anxiety levels will also rise. 

Searches for “panic attacks” have also surged. 

Even “night terror” has risen above the levels from the beginning of the pandemic. 

The unintended consequences of the virus pandemic and socio-economic implosion of the country appear to be a public health crisis.