Ocean Will Rise 1/100th of 1% in the Next 300 F*cking Years!

President Trump was in peak form during his speech tonight in Commerce, Georgia.

At one point he pointed out the massive election fraud in the state in the 2020 election.

Trump also targeted Democrats and Biden’s Green Energy Czar John Kerry. As US gas prices continue to rise to all-time record highs John Kerry continues to fly around the world to important meetings on private jets to discuss the importance of green energy policies for the West — as China and India get a complete pass.

Trump roasted John Kerry saying, “You have people like John Kerry worrying about “The Climate!” The climate! Oh, I heard that the other day. Here we are, guys threatening us. He’s worried about the ocean will rise 1/100th of 1% in the next 300 f*cking year.”

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The audience roared!

Nobody likes a lecturing idiot like John Kerry.

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