NYC Mayor Eric Adams GETS CURSED OUT BY FURIOUS Fed Up New Yorkers! Caution- EXPLICIT VIDEO!

“Apparently there are two sets of rules (not laws enacted by the legislature as required), one set of rules for Adams friends and supporters, and another set of rules for the lowly serfs,” said Kopel. “Maybe Adams wants free tickets to Yankees and Nets games?”

Earlier in the days city workers had held a demonstration at Madison Square Garden to protest against the same two tier rules requiring city workers to be vaccinated and toddlers be masked.

“If we don’t take a stand against the evil that has gripped New York City and the world we will lose our freedom, our health and our very lives,” said Kopel. “This is why we must fight now to protect our freedom here in NYC until every immoral and unconstitutional mandate is gone.”

Protesters swarm Mayor Eric Adams yesterday in NYC


A perturbed Adams is taken aback by protesters.


Protesters give Mayor Adams of NYC the middle finger as he drives off.


Sentiments to the Mayor by an angry New Yorker.