Now the GOP in More than Half the Counties in Wisconsin Are Calling for the Decertification of the State’s 2020 Election Results

Now the GOP voters in more than half of the counties in Wisconsin are calling for the decertification of the 2020 Election results in Wisconsin.  

It’s official.  The GOP voters in Wisconsin for more than half of the state are calling for the decertification of the 2020 Election results in the state.  This news was passed around on social media this weekend.

The people in Wisconsin are like those across the nation who are livid because of the obviously tainted results that were certified for senile Joe Biden in the 2020 Election.  Numerous fraudulent activities have been uncovered to date and the number keeps on growing as does the number of individuals who are calling for decertification.

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Twelve Wisconsin Counties Called to Reclaim State’s 2020 Electoral Votes Before Justice Gableman Called for Decertification Yesterday

Former Supreme Court Justice in the state of Wisconsin, Michael Gableman, called for the decertification of the state’s results from the 2020 Election in March after months of investigative work in the state.  This was not taken lightly based on Gableman’s background and professionalism throughout his career.

BREAKING: Wisconsin Special Counsel Michael Gableman Calls for Decertification of Wisconsin 2020 Election Results (VIDEO)

The only reason the 2020 results in Wisconsin have not been decertified is because GOP Speaker of the House, Robin Vos, doesn’t want to decertify.  Vos has been obstinate since November 3rd, 2020 to prevent any efforts to overturn the election for Biden.

Vos was also instrumental in agreeing to voter drop boxes being inserted around the state during the 2020 Election in spite of these being unconstitutional.  Vos actually supported the effort across the country.  Rather than address the obvious election fraud in the state in 2020, Vos has done all he can to cover it up.

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Wisconsin Speaker Vos Sends Out Talking Points to GOP Representatives Refuting Justice Gableman’s Report Calling for Decertification of 2020 Election – Betrays Gableman Behind His Back

Will Vos ever do the right thing?  Daily more evidence of fraud is uncovered and more Americans are demanding decertification in Wisconsin.