“Not Only That, I Think He’s Guilty of Treason”

Of course he is.  Joe Biden is guilty of treason.

Rudy Giuliani was on with Steve Bannon at the War Room and he made another case for why Joe Biden is guilty of treason.  Rudy shared:

Treason can only take place during a time of war.  We define what was going on in Afghanistan as war.  Before he ended the war and took our troops out, he gave them two or three billion dollars of very dangerous armaments, including black hawk helicopters, bombs, explosives, biometric equipment.  He gave them to our enemy.

Then he gave them the names of the people who cooperated with them.  And he gave them biometric equipment to help them go find those people and kill them which now, they’re doing.  They’re carrying it out….

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…The Constitution says that treason is giving help to our enemy in time of war.  According to him [Biden] according to Trump we were at war in Afghanistan.