Newsmax Issues Statement Attacking Tucker Carlson Over Ukrainian Coverage

Newsmax is using the conflict in Ukraine to go after Tucker Carlson over his coverage of the crisis.

In a statement, the network blasted Carlson as “supporting Putin,” over his anti-interventionist views.

“Newsmax strongly opposes Putin, his unprovoked attack on a sovereign and democratic nation, and has strongly criticized Fox News’ top host Tucker Carlson for supporting Putin and Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine,” the little-watched network’s statement read.

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In a blog post from TheRighting, Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy asserted that “Newsmax supports President Biden‘s efforts to stop this invasion.”

“Newsmax believes Russia has made a major transgression and this should be condemned strongly by all people. I think we are seeing for conservatives a clarity moment where Fox News’ main host is stating categorically he is siding with Putin and Russia in support of the invasion. Newsmax supports President Biden‘s efforts to stop this invasion, if anything we think he is not being strong enough. We believe there is a bipartisan consensus in opposition to this dangerous aggression,” Ruddy said.