New Machines Used to Recount Ballots in Arizona Will Count Batches 600 Ballots at a Time

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that discrepancies have led the Arizona auditors to recount the ballots for the third time.

Arizona Senate Has Decided to Recount All Ballots Audited in Maricopa County for a Third Time

They are using machines that will automatically count the ballots, 600 at a time without error.

Yesterday, a technician was on the floor calibrating the machines and teaching audit officials how to use them.

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Officials were sending ballots through the machine, then hand-counting those stacks to make sure the machines are calibrated.

Stacks of up to 600 ballots are placed onto the machine diagonally so that the corner of the page can go inside. They are then analyzed by the machine to check the total number of pages. 

This process does not tally votes. It only counts the number of ballots.

They are now awaiting a piece of equipment that will help them speed up the process. It is expected to arrive on Monday.

These new machines will add another layer of evidence when we find a certified fraudulent election.