New Hampshire Rally for Statewide Forensic Audit – Friday, June 11 at State Capitol Noon to 5 PM

There is a rally for a statewide New Hampshire forensic audit set for Friday, June 11 at the New Hampshire Capitol Building.

The rally is planned from noon til 5 PM.

UndercoverDC has more details.

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Voters in New Hampshire are determined to keep the recent forensic audit in the town of Windham front and center as they await the final audit report from the auditors. The final report is expected in two-three weeks.

In the meantime, patriots are holding a rally Friday in Concord, New Hampshire.

New Hampshire needs a real audit — Trust in elections is essential.

Windham’s ‘Audit’ Was a Big Joke Last Week – Please Write New Hampshire’s Senators’ and Demand a Real Forensic Audit of the 2020 Results in the Granite State (Email List Attached)