NEW: 350-Pound Man Who Brutally Assaulted Woman at Gas Station Arrested – Currently on Parole For Assault

A 350-pound man who brutally assaulted a woman in a random attack at a Gardena, California gas station was arrested Friday night in Long Beach.

The attacker’s identity has not been publicly released.

ABC 7 reported that the attacker, who is in his late 40s, is currently on parole for assault.

The attacker was arrested Friday evening after a family member turned him in.

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Law enforcement learned on Friday that the attacker assaulted another woman the night before the gas station attack.

The suspect punched a 63-year-old woman sitting in her car near the same intersection. The woman was sitting in her car at a red light when the man walked over to her car and punched her.

Police believe there are other victims and they are asking them to come forward, ABC 7 reported.

Surveillance video released earlier this week showed a shirtless morbidly obese black male exiting his Ford Expedition and calmly walking over to a woman filling up her gas tank.

The man repeatedly punched and kicked the woman in the head for a full minute before people intervened.


The victim, a 25-year-old single mom, was hospitalized with serious injuries to her face and head.

The victim told Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies that she didn’t know the attacker.