Mitt Romney Says He Trusts Joe Biden – But Joe Biden Can’t Even Remember Romney’s Name

Crazy meets crazy.  Senator Mitt Romney said on Sunday that he trusts Joe Biden.  

Romney was on a Sunday Show where he claimed that he trusted Joe Biden:

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney insisted that he trusts President Joe Biden after the commander in chief walked back a conditional veto threat of the bipartisan infrastructure deal announced on Thursday.

The Utah senator said on Sunday that he “take[s] the president at his word” that he will ultimately sign the bipartisan deal even if Biden’s American Families Plan, which Republicans oppose, doesn’t pass as a budget reconciliation measure.

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“I don’t know exactly where everybody is after the weekend. I certainly can understand why, not only myself, but a lot of my colleagues were very concerned about what the president was saying on Friday,” Romney said on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday. “But I think the waters have been calmed by what he said on Saturday.”

“I do trust the president,” Romney said.

No one in their right mind would trust Senile Joe Biden.  The guy can’t even remember where he woke up.  To trust this baffoon makes you a baffoon.  Biden can’t even remember Romney’s name:

Who would trust a senile old man who can’t remember your name with anything?