Mike Lindell Kicked Out of Republican Governors Association Conference After Promising to Confront AZ and GA Governors About Election Fraud

MyPillow CEO and top Trump ally was thrown out of the Republican Governors Association Conference in Tennessee on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, Lindell had vowed to confront two governors about fraud in their states.

Lindell said that he had flown in for the three day conference, but minutes after getting his credential at the JW Marriott Hotel one of the event coordinators approached him and said he would not be permitted to attend any of the RGA events.

Earlier in the day, Lindell appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room and stated that he would be confronting Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey about election fraud in their states at the conference.

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Politico reports that an RGA official spoke to them on the condition of anonymity and claimed that Lindell had attempted to join transportation for members only for a dinner at the Tennessee Governor’s Mansion and was denied.

“These events are for RGA members, and Mike Lindell is not currently an RGA member,” the cowardly anonymous source told Politico.

Lindell has been outspoken about 2020 election fraud and Democrats stealing the election. His unapologetic style has made lesser and more spineless Republicans uncomfortable.

“Lindell on Tuesday shared a screenshot of a calendar event headlined ‘RGA – Nashville Meeting’ with the attachment ‘Nashville Agenda.pdf,’ and said he had been invited to the event in the last month or two. He also shared the schedule of RGA events for Tuesday and Wednesday that had the word ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ at the bottom,” the report continued.

Lindell has attended multiple RGA meetings in the past without any problems.