Mercedes Plant Employee Goes Berzerk, Uses Nearby Bulldozer To Wreck 50 Brand New Vans

Everyone is dealing with the stresses of Covid differently. Some may be adapting to working from home using Zoom. Others may be dealing with layoffs by filing for unemployment. Some people may even be seeking therapy to help with the major life changes brought on by the pandemic.

But one 38 year old ex-Mercedes-Benz employee in Spain is dealing with life’s stresses a little bit differently: he went on on a rampage at the company’s plant using a nearby Caterpillar bulldozer.

The now ex-employee stole a 17 ton Caterpillar bulldozer that was being used for infrastructure work at the plant and proceeded to “destroy” more than 50 vans the Vitoria factory had just produced, according to Jalopnik

The employee then apparently tried to turn the bulldozer onto the production line itself, the report says. However, maintenance teams and security guards were able to notify the police and prevent further damage. 

The fit of rage was brought on by “rumors about possible mass layoffs”. Regardless of whether or not the rumors were true or not, rest assured the employee will likely no longer be working for Mercedes.