Maryland Election Voting Machines Not Working

Local news in Maryland is reporting that some precincts weren’t ready this morning because the voting machines weren’t ready.  Reportedly because of polling issues, the results of today’s election aren’t expected until tomorrow.  

Local News ABC7 reported at 7 a.m. — Officials tell 7News that in at least two locations, voting machines were not working as long as an hour after the polls opened. The sites affected were Charles Carrol Middles School in New Carrollton and Hoyer Early Childhood Learning Center in Cheverly. It’s not clear how many residents were waiting in line at the time of the issue.

The live broadcast says we probably won’t have results tonight.

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Issues started right away.

Marilyn Mosby is running in the election today.  She was recently arrested for perjury and false information on a mortgage application.

Soros-Backed Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby Indicted on Perjury and False Mortgage Application Charges

However Mosby looks at it like she did nothing wrong.