Man & Girlfriend BOTH Hospitalized With Heart Conditions Following Covid Vaccine .

An otherwise healthy and fit man documented on social media how he and his girlfriend both suffered severe adverse reactions following Covid-19 jabs that landed them in the hospital.

In a TikTok video posted two days ago from a hospital bed, a man named Daniel Shepard discussed how his first Pfizer experimental injection left him with the supposedly-rare heart condition pericarditis, and his girlfriend’s second jab caused her to develop myocarditis.


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In Daniel’s case, he claims doctors actually told him his heart inflammation was directly related to the Covid jab, and that he’s lucky he didn’t take the second jab because it likely would have killed him.

Read Mr. Shepard’s story, transcribed from his TikTok video, below:

As you can see I’m obviously in the hospital. I have to be kinda quick cause the nurses are coming, but long story short… two days ago I was training, just doing a shoulder workout as you do normally, and I thought I pulled a muscle and end up going to bed that night and woke up in a lot of pain.

As i woke up, my partner next to me also said she was in quite a bit of pain from her chest.

So I thought, ‘Ok, that doesn’t sound good.’ Now knowing she actually got her second Pfizer jab three days ago, I’ve done a bit of research I’m like, ‘This probably isn’t normal.’ So took her to the hospital. We sat there. I thought we’ll kill two birds with one stone, I’ll have my shoulder looked at, she can have a checkup. And we proceeded to go through she went in one room, I went in another.

Doctors came up to me. First thing they asked was have you been vaccinated? I said, ‘Yes, I’ve only had one Pfizer shot and it was nearly three weeks ago.’ And they said, ‘Ok, did you notice any side effects? Any chest pain? I said, ‘Yeah, a lil bit of pain here, but I think it’s just from my shoulder.’ ‘Any heart flutters?’ ‘Yeah, I noticed within a few days of receiving the vaccine I was feeling mildly short of breath, didn’t think too much about it. Still training hard, twice-a-day most days. They had a cardiologist come up cover me in probes for an EKG, came back and said I had an irregular heartbeat and rhythm. They proceeded to take me through to another room where they pumped me full of something, and they put me in a machine and checked everything. And they informed me I’d developed pericarditis, which is a bit of a shock, considering I’ve only had one vaccine. Then me dealing with the cardiologist, she also informed me I’ve got some scarring of the heart and they’ve directly linked it to the vaccine.

And, also my partner has developed myocarditis. We’re both fit. We both train a lot. So it’s very shocking, and honestly I just want every young guy to know that if you are training and you’re getting vaccinated, stop training, because I was due for my second [jab] and the cardiologist said it could’ve killed me. It’s only by chance I’m here, so yeah, good luck to everybody and do your research.

In a follow-up video, Daniel admitted he would not be receiving a second Covid jab based on his cardiologist’s recommendations, despite him being pro-vaccine.

Both myocarditis and pericarditis were recorded among an FDA draft list of “possible adverse event outcomes” linked to the Covid vaccine that was accidentally displayed briefly during an FDA advisory meeting, prior to the jab receiving emergency authorization.

In June, the FDA again acknowledged the experimental mRNA injections were causing the two heart conditions and warned healthcare providers that “reports of adverse events suggest increased risks of myocarditis and pericarditis, particularly following the second dose and with onset of symptoms within a few days after vaccination.”

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