Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept Asks Public For Help Identifying 350-Pound Man Who Brutally Beat Woman at Gas Station (VIDEO)

Los Angeles County Sheriffs are asking the public for help identifying a 350-pound man who brutally beat a woman at a gas station in Gardena on Sunday.

Surveillance video shows a morbidly obese black male exiting his Ford Expedition and calmly walking over to a woman filling up her gas tank.

The man repeatedly punches and kicks the woman in the head for a full minute before people intervened.

ABC 7 described the victim as a 25-year-old single mother.

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The woman was hospitalized with serious injuries to her face and head.

The victim told Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies that she didn’t know the attacker.

“He walked around, she didn’t see him,” LASD Det. Keegan McInnis told Eyewitness News. “By the time she looked up he had thrown the first punch. You see in the video the attack is pretty vicious. Then he calmly walks away as if nothing had happened.”