LOL! Don Lemon Suffers On-Air HUMILIATION When NOAA Hurricane Expert Shuts Down His Ridiculous Attempt To Blame Hurricane Ian On Climate Change [VIDEO]

Hurricane Ian is gaining steam as it approaches the gulf coast of Florida. Massive damage is already being seen across the state of Florida. Overnight, there were multiple tornadoes reported in southern Florida. Multiple planes were flipped over by a tornado that began in Miami Gardens and moved north. The images below are from the North Perry Airport in Hollywood, FL where the tornado possibly touched down.

Accuweather is now reporting that the hurricane is just shy of a Category 5 as it bears down on the west coast of Florida.

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This morning, CNN’s Don Lemon, who was recently demoted from his own show to a co-host on a morning show, interviewed NOAA’s Hurricane Director Jamie Rohme.

Lemon began his interview by asking, “Can you tell us what this is, and what effect climate change has on this phenomenon?”

“Well, we can come back and talk about climate change another time. I want to talk about the here and now,” Rohme responded.

The NOAA hurricane director continued to explain how the intensification of the Hurricane is “probably done.”

A humiliated Lemon was not willing to allow the weather expert to dismiss his climate change propaganda. He pressed on, “Um, listen—I’m just trying to get—that you say you don’t want to talk about climate change—but what effect does climate change have on THIS phenomenon that is happening now? Because it seems like these storms are intensifying.”

“I don’t think you can link climate change to any one event. On the whole, on the cumulative, climate change may be making the storms worse, but to link it to any one event—I would caution against that,” Rohme replied.

Lemon was not giving up until he had the final word on his climate change opinion, “Well—um—listen–I grew up there, and these storms are intensifying—something is causing them to intensify.”

Meanwhile, the actual weather experts at the National Hurricane Center are reporting that the “extremely dangerous” eyeball of Hurricane Ian is now moving onshore in Florida and cautions that it will cause “catastrophic storm surges, winds and flooding soon.