Liz Harris and Patriots in Arizona Canvassing for the Truth in the 2020 Election Are Heroes

We first heard of Liz Harris and the many patriots in Arizona in late December.  This group of concerned citizens in Arizona after the 2020 Election wanted to get to the truth.

Liz Harris was in the lead as she introduced fellow citizens who went out and canvassed the state of Arizona to determine if people in the state received multiple ballots in the 2020 Election.  Right Side Broadcasting aired the event and it was the first glimpse we had of the efforts going on in Arizona to get to the truth.

Press Conference at AZ State Capitol – Citizen Investigation Uncovers Thousands of Illegal Votes in Arizona at 6 PM — LIVE-STREAM RSBN VIDEO

This same group were the ones to demand the Arizona Senate do something to get to the bottom of the 2020 Election.  They also demanded that the Senate perform a forensic review of the ballots in Arizona using the process shared by Jovan Pulitzer.  Pulitzer had also come out of nowhere and shared his ideas and actions to forensically audit ballots.

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The Senate agreed to perform a forensic audit of all the ballots in Maricopa County and after months of abuse and pushback from the Democrats and the County Board of Supervisors, the audit was finally put in place.

The Democrats were not done.  They couldn’t stop the audit but they have tried everything they could to do so.  As reported on Friday, the Democrats are now working on attacking the canvassers in Arizona and the audit team.  These actions are unheard of.  The Democrats want to build a case that the canvassers are harassing individuals as they perform their canvassing.  It’s likely the Democrats are inserting individuals to harass people themselves to support their case.  This is how the Democrats work.

Democrats are Suspected of Using ‘Fake Canvassers’ Who Then Harass Innocent Arizonans to Give Audit a Black Eye

In an effort to combat the Democrats’ efforts to attach harassment onto the good people working to uncover the fraud in the audit, Harris, and team have produced and aired this message noting there are only three questions they ask when canvassing: 1) Did you vote? 2) If so, by what method? and 3) Did you receive extra ballots?

Liz Harris and the people in Arizona are heroes. The only people abusing or harassing anyone are the corrupt same individuals who stole the election.