Liberals Fear The Thousands Of Trump Supporters Taking Over Local GOP Positions

Leftists are getting very nervous.

A new article from ProPublica found that thousands of Trump supporters are taking over local GOP positions.


ProPublica reported:

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ProPublica contacted GOP leaders in 65 key counties, and 41 reported an unusual increase in signups since Bannon’s campaign began. At least 8,500 new Republican precinct officers (or equivalent lowest-level officials) joined those county parties. We also looked at equivalent Democratic posts and found no similar surge.

“I’ve never seen anything like this, people are coming out of the woodwork,” said J.C. Martin, the GOP chairman in Polk County, Florida, who has added 50 new committee members since January. Martin had wanted congressional Republicans to overturn the election on Jan. 6, and he welcomed this wave of like-minded newcomers. “The most recent time we saw this type of thing was the tea party, and this is way beyond it.”

Patriots are working to make sure the fraud of 2020 never happens again.

In Maricopa County, Arizona, 50 new committeemen were sworn in in one night:

EXCELLENT! 50 New Precinct Committeemen Sworn in at Once in Maricopa County

For more information on how to become a precinct committeeman, check out