Kim Jong Un Orders More Tactical Nukes Be Made For Readiness Against "Archenemy" US

Kim Jong Un has begun ratcheting up anti-US rhetoric with less than two weeks to go before the Biden inauguration, calling America his country’s “principal enemy” on Saturday.

“Our external political activities must focus on controlling and subjugating the United States, our archenemy and the biggest stumbling block to the development of our revolution,” Kim said, according to official KCNA news agency.

“The real intention of its policy toward the DPRK will never change, whoever comes into power in the US,” he added during an address to the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea.

But more importantly, he announced that he no longer considers himself bound by the self-imposed moratorium on testing nuclear devices weapons and long-range ballistic missiles.

According to a paraphrase of his bellicose speech:

At the congress, Kim called for the improvement of the country’s nuclear arsenal to include solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missiles that can be launched from land and sea, and accurately hit targets at a range of up to 9,320 miles, putting the U.S. mainland in reach.

He also ordered the development of miniaturized nuclear weapons, tactical nukes, military surveillance satellites and hypersonic aircraft.

The incoming Biden administration is not expected to respond unless he actually puts any of this in action, particularly testing of banned strategic weapons.

Biden previously referred to Kim as a “thug” on the campaign trail, to which the North Korean leader responded by calling Biden a “rabid dog”. 

Meanwhile, Biden has characterized that his approach will be a slower, “principled diplomacy” – suggesting such high stakes media-centric summits that was Trump’s style is out the door.