Karine Jean-Pierre Absurdly Claims Real Disposable Income is Up and Gas Prices Are Down (VIDEO)

IMG 8530

IMG 8530

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday absurdly claimed that disposable income is up and gas prices are down.

Lies upon lies upon lies.

“We have seen some important progress for the American people. A couple of things that I will lay out: We’ve seen real disposable income and real consumer spending both increase in part thanks to the strength of our job market, gas prices are down over $1 per gallon since their peak this summer,” Karine Jean-Pierre said.

The only reason why gas prices budged a little is because Joe Biden drained the US’s strategic petroleum reserve.

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Real disposable income is lower than when Biden was installed in January 2021.

Inflation is outpacing wages thanks to Joe Biden’s tax-and-spend policies.

Gas prices are spiking in many states again.

Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Michigan and other states are seeing a sharp rise in gas prices.

No serious person believes anything this White House says.


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