Justice Breyer Upset with Retirement Leak to Media as Early Front-Runner to Replace Him Emerges

Earlier Wednesday NBC reported liberal Supreme Court justice Stephen Breyer would be retiring after 27 years on the bench.

Justice Breyer however has not officially released a statement announcing his retirement.

According to multiple reporters, Breyer is upset with how his retirement leaked to the media.

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Fox News contributor Shannon Bream said Breyer was not planning on announcing his retirement today so the media leak upset him, according to Supreme Court sources.

Supreme Court observers believe Ketanji Brown Jackson is at the top of Biden’s list of SCOTUS nominees.

Ketanji Jackson is currently a US Circuit Judge for the District of Columbia, first appointed to the district court by Barack Obama in 2013.

Just last month MSNBC’s Joy Reid was hoping Ketanji Jackson would be on the Supreme Court soon.