Joe Biden Says “Rules are Rules” After Sha’Carri Richardson Banned from Olympics for Smoking Pot — But What About the Biden Family’s Financial Crimes?

On Friday US track star Sha’Carri Richardson was removed from the US track team for the upcoming Olympics.

On Saturday it was revealed Sha’Carri Richardson was banned for having marijuana in her system.

Joe Biden weighed in on the controversy and had the nerve to say, “Rules are rules,” in response to her removal from the games.

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What a stunning remark from one of the most corrupt politicians in American history.

Just this week it was revealed that Joe Biden attended business meetings with his son and their Mexican business partners.

Joe Biden golfed with Hunter’s Ukrainian funders.

Joe Biden poses with Hunter Biden’s Kazakhstan business partners.

And Joe Biden flew Hunter Biden to China for his billion-dollar deals with top Chinese officials.

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And Hunter was always holding a percentage for his dad.

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So will Joe Biden ever be held responsible for his financial crimes?
Or is it only Olympic sprinters who have to face consequences for their actions?