“Joe Biden Illegitimately Took Over” – President Trump’s Spokeswoman Liz Harrington

President Trump made a great choice in Liz Harrington as his new spokeswoman.  She is articulate, smart and she speaks the truth.

Harrington was on with David Brody, host of ‘The Water Cooler’, and she spoke with the courage and honesty that Mitt Romney’s niece, Ronna McDaniel could never do.  When speaking about the Trump rally this past weekend, Harrington shared:

They get it.  Just like their chant, they announced “Trump Won”.  That’s what they wanted to hear about.  They wanted to hear about what’s happening to our country and the six months since Joe Biden illegitimately took over.  President Trump laid it all out there and the energy, I can tell you from being on the ground was palpable.  It’s a powerful movement that isn’t going anywhere in fact it’s just getting stronger by the day.  Because we have the truth on our side.  We love our country and we’re not giving up on it.  President Trump made that very clear.”

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BOOM.  She is outstanding!

Ronna McDaniel could never do this.  Harrington was smart and courageous and believes what she is saying.  The election was stolen.

Hat tip Conservative Treehouse