Jack Posobiec And News Crew Detained At Machinegun Point For An Hour By World Economic Forum Police (Video)

Jack Posobiec and his news crew were detained for an hour by armed police protecting the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Monday as they were gathered at sidewalk cafe table. Posobiec says one of the officers kept pointing what he identified MP5 submachine gun at Posobiec. Posobiec, his crew and their van were searched by police. The detention ended when independent reporter Savanah Hernandez showed up and refused to stop filming and asking questions. A plain clothes officer told Hernandez there was “a reason” why Posobiec was being detained. Posobiec’s brother Kevin filmed the detention from across the street. (Initial report by The Gateway Pundit at this link.)

Posobiec did a live stream after he was released and explained what happened:

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Posobiec also filmed the start of the police detention.