It’s time for every American to correctly comprehend who’s really behind the destruction of the Republic.

620px The Dark Triad


State of the Nation

No other global entity represents the manifestation, here on Earth, of “The Dark Triad” shown above, better than THE TRIAD that rules earth for centuries.  That satanic triangle of planetary power and influence, which oversees the global power structure today, has actually existed for millennia.  But although THE TRIAD resides at the peak of the pinnacle of the world power pyramid, it, too, is subordinate to the much more powerful extraterrestrial force known as the Archons. 

What are those three international crime syndicates that have strategically terrorized and traumatized all of humanity, especially over the past 250 years?




These 3 camarillas are populated by genocidal maniacs, criminally insane psychopaths, inveterate warmongers and hardcore terrorists.

They are quite well-known in some circles (of the initiated) for their utterly cataclysmic handiwork as follows:

The Armenian Genocide,
World War I,
Bolshevik Revolution,
Spanish Flu Pandemic,
The Great Depression,
Holodomor Genocide,
Chinese Civil War,
World War II,
Korean War,
The Holocaust,
Chinese Cultural Revolution,
Vietnam War,
Cambodian Genocide,
Rwandan Genocide,
Iraq War,
9/11 Terrorist Attacks,
The War on Terror,
Afghanistan War,
Syrian War,
Libyan War,
Ukraine War,
& COVID-19 Pandemic
all have one thing in common— the Khazarian Tribe.

And, these only represent an abridged list of crimes against humanity committed since the beginning of the 2oth century, although it does represent the very worst of their conspiratorial plots and criminal sprees carried out against the world community of nations.

State of the Nation
July 19, 2022