Iraqi Parliament Speaker Outspoken On Anyone Who Recognizes Israel

Iraqi Parliament Speaker Halbousi says he’ll never recognize Israel as a nation.  He goes so far as to say that he will “cutoff the manhood” of any man who does support Israel.

In the video below of excerpts from the Speaker’s talks, Halbousi says that Iraqis will never even extend their hands to Israelis.

In another speech, Halbousi shared that Israel is a usurping Zionist entity.  This is after he degrades any peace deals with Israel while using hate as the rationale.  He then threatens the manhood of any man who backs Israel.

Iraqi speaker on israel2

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The Speaker has also talked of Israel not as a nation and Palestine as the true owners of the land that Israel now rests.

Iraqi speaker on israel3

See these speeches from Halbousi below: